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Pillars of Success corporation is a non-profit organization that provides safe, secured, & stable housing for returning citizens to go along with additional services assisting them to become self-sufficient in their re-entry to the community in order to remain crime-free.

House Director:

  • Blayther Sabbat



  • House Director

  • Housing Monitor

  • Re-Entry Advocate / Social Case Manager

  • Peer Support Worker

  • Maintenance

  • Transportation

  • Culinary Arts Program

    • All Housing Staff will be certified as CPR and Food Handlers Certification

  • Narcan

Social network concept


Peer support staff for residential advisors for monitoring = At least 2 persons that are returning citizens being able to monitor 3 days/week at least 10 hours.

Image by Joel Muniz
Image by Emma Matthews Digital Content P

Hours of Operation: 

24 hours a day; 7 days a week

Monitoring Process:

  • Staff              

  • Logs which includes

    • Physical Data- those coming in and out

    • Financial Data- monies received and spent

Movers Carrying Packages
Image by Alyson McPhee

Operations Management:

Physical running of program= Must consist of staff to operate and facilitate everyday needs of the consumer at Pillars of Success (for example; food service, transportation services, life skill services, etc.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a community where every returning citizen and at-risk youth has access to safe and stable housing, to establish a highly successful transitional housing program that empowers returning citizens to transform their lives by developing comprehensive wraparound services that empower them with the necessary skills and support for successful reintegration into society. Through coaching programs for financial literacy, life and work skills, and personal development, we aim to prevent recidivism and foster long-term independence and resilience.

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