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Blayther Sabbat

CEO, Pillars of Success

Blayther Sabbat is a driven professional and the CEO of Pillars of Success. Born in Washington DC and a graduate of DeMatha High School, Blayther's passion for helping others led him to establish Pillars of Success in 2021. His main focus is on providing guidance and support to individuals transitioning from jail to society. Additionally, he is a strong advocate for justice reform and affordable housing. At the young age of 26, Blayther became involved in real estate investment and became a landlord in 2017 in Ward 8.

Despite having no prior background or family experience in real estate, he was determined to learn about financial education and make a positive impact in his community. Blayther's Haitian immigrant parents instilled in him a strong work ethic and drive for success. Blayther's professional journey includes working with the DC Housing Authority as a certified housing inspector and housing specialist. During his tenure, he conducted over 20,000 inspections and served more than 10,000 clients; also a certified AWS Solutions Architect. This experience equipped him with valuable skills in managing and dealing with various housing-related matters.

Through his work at Pillars of Success and his dedication to justice reform and affordable housing, Blayther continues to make a difference in the lives of individuals seeking guidance and support during their reintegration into society.


Richard Shivers

Pillars of Success, Director of Personal Development

Richard Shivers is a seasoned professional with a diverse background. As the CEO of Richmindset Enterprises, he is passionate about personal development and success. Richard's journey began in Southeast Washington DC, where he was born and raised. After graduating from Phelps Senior High, he faced a challenging period in his life, spending time in prison from the age of 20 to 35.

Since his return, Richard has achieved remarkable growth and transformation. He has gone from being a Safeway clerk to becoming a successful real estate agent, personal trainer, and Fitness Director of a prominent fitness club in Southern Maryland. Inspired by his own experiences, Richard founded Rich Mindset Enterprise to share his knowledge and provide guidance to those who aspire for more but lack the necessary knowledge and experience to reach their goals. Richard's dedication to addressing recidivism led him to join Mr. Sabbat's mission with Pillars of Success. As someone who has personally endured prison, he deeply understands the emotional and mindset challenges faced by those who are either exiting or still serving time. To support individuals in overcoming their past and building a brighter future, Richard has developed a range of tools, products, and services that address the lingering issues experienced by these individuals.

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